What is overdraft privilege?

We can save you the expense and embarrassment of having your checks returned. Overdraft Privilege does just that.

As long as you maintain your share draft (checking) account in good standing, South Texas FCU may elect to pay your overdraft checks rather than returning them unpaid.
You will still be charged the regular service fee of $30 for insufficient funds. But, this service enables you to avoid the additional vendor charges associated with an overdraft.

How can I get Overdraft Privilege?
You do not have to do anything other than keep your account in good standing. Please be advised that you will be mailed a letter stating you are eligible for our Overdraft Privilege. If you do not receive this letter please give us a call to verify your Overdraft Privilege status, BEFORE you make use of this service.

How do I keep my account in good standing?
Your account is considered in good standing if it adheres to the following criteria:
•    Share draft account has been open for at least sixty (60) days.
•    Once your account is overdrafted, you must bring the account to a positive balance within thirty (30) days for a minimum period of twenty four (24) hours.
•    There must NOT be any loan, credit card, or other obligation to South Texas FCU in default status.
•    Account must not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.
•    Account must have a current and verified address and phone number.

Up to what overdraft amount will South Texas FCU cover?
South Texas FCU will cover up to $700 worth of overdrafts, INCLUDING the service charges. For example, say you have a $0 balance in your checking account and a $300 check clears. The $300 will be deducted from your checking account as well as the $25 service charge, making your balance -$325.

How may days do I have to bring my checking account to a positive balance?
Your overdraft amount must be paid as soon as possible.