Savings Account0.001%Any
Club Account0.001%Any
Money Market0.001%$2,500
IRA Account0.001%$1,000
Star Plus CheckingTier RatesAny
Platinum CheckingTier RatesAny

*Annual Percentage Yield

TERM SHARE CERTIFICATES$1,000.00 to $5,000.00$5,000.01 to $10,000.00$10,000.01 to $20,000.00$20,000.01 to $49,999.99$50,000.00 & greater
Dividend Rate / APY**Dividend Rate / APY**Dividend Rate / APY**Dividend Rate / APY**Dividend Rate / APY**
12 months0.20% / 0.20%0.25% / 0.25%0.30% / 0.30%0.33% / 0.33%0.40% / 0.40%
24 months0.33% / 0.33%0.41% / 0.41%0.49% / 0.49%0.57% / 0.57%0.65% / 0.65%

**Annual Percentage Yield assumes dividends remain in the account until maturity and that a withdrawal will reduce earnings. 

Makes 2015-20175.70%-12.70%Up to 75 Months
Makes 2010-20145.70%-12.70%48-75 Months

†Annual Percentage Rate.

8.70%-17.70%Up to 60 Months
Mastercard Gold9.95% with a $10,000.00 or more limit. Must be approved by loan review.
Mastercard Regular10.95% with a $9,999.99 or more limit.
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The Board of Directors, as required by law, reviewed and set the rates effective May 31, 2016. Risk based lending guidelines are followed as per federal regulation. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. For further information regarding applicable fees and terms, contact an employee at any South Texas Federal Credit Union office.

Certificates of Deposit allow you to save money and earn interest at a much higher rate than share (savings) accounts. The longer the term of the certificate the higher the yield is on your interest earned. A minimum deposit of $1000 is required to open a term share account. If a withdrawal occurs before the certificate matures a penalty fee will be assessed on the account.

An IRA is yet another way to save money for your future at a higher interest rate than share (savings) accounts. The added benefit of IRA's is that all interest accrued on the account is not taxable, which means you keep every bit of your earned interest. The IRA account is meant for retirement funds so if a withdrawal is conducted before you turn 70 1/2 years of age a penalty fee will be assessed.

Our Money Market account allows you to accrue interest on an account that functions as a share draft account. A minimum balance of $2,500 must be kept on the account for interest to be accrued and you are allowed 3 withdrawals per month on the account. If the 3 withdrawal limit is exceeded a charge of $10.00 will be assessed on the account per transaction over the 3 withdrawal limit.

Your share account (Savings Account) is the key to the credit union's success. The savings you and other members maintain on deposit with the credit union represents your share of ownership.  A minimum deposit of $5 must remain in the account if continued membership is desired.